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Another Publication by Dr. Alenuma-Nimoh

Check out Dr. Alenuma-Nimoh’s latest peer-reviewed publication on Gender and Globalization: Exploring the Complexities of Gendered Globalization. Drop her a word if you would like a copy of the article. This paper outlines and examines the gendered nature of globalization and its impacts on women. Does globalization aggravate inequality between women and men in Africa and lead to […]

Drs. Moos and Pitton publish in Teaching Education

Dr. Daniel Moos and Dr. Debra Pitton co-authored an article (Student teacher challenges: Using the Cognitive Load Theory as an explanatory lens) that was recently accepted for publication in the peer-reviewed journal Teaching Education. The Cognitive Load Theory (CLT) can explain the challenges faced by student teachers. This study, guided by the CLT, included twenty-six […]

SEA backpack project!

SEA (Student Education Association) students filled backpacks with supplies to send to school children in Chimbote, Peru. Students in Chimbote are not able to attend school if they cannot provide all of their own supplies – and the list of required materials is quite long. SEA students, some who have been to Chimbote for a […]

Education Department Faculty attend 21st Century Conference

Faculty from the Education Department attended the 21st Century Teaching and Learning Conference June 18-19 at The College of St. Scholastica in Duluth, MN, where we were privileged to hear noted author Lisa Delpit. Her keynote address focused on her educational experiences and information from her book, Other People’s Children: Cultural Conflict in the Classroom. […]

Leadership Workshop

Professors Barb Zust, Nursing, and Debra Pitton, Education, attended the CIC (Council of Independent Colleges) Chair Conference in Portland, Oregon, June 5 – 7. The workshop, entitled ‘Promoting Institutional Effectiveness through Collaboration’, provided insights and information regarding the duties of the department chair in higher education institutions.

Education faculty attend co-teaching workshop

Professors Valerie Walker, Amy Vizenor, Katrina Imison-Mazy, Michele Koomen and Debra Pitton attended a two day workshop on the use of co-teaching during student teaching. Co-teaching offers support to  the teachers and aides in K-12 student learning, while providing a supportive environment for the teacher candidate as they hone their teaching skills.

2012 Education Graduates

May 27, 2012 – The education graduates gather for the traditional photo on the steps of Old Main prior to graduation. This tradition honors the fact that Gustavus was built as an institution to prepare teachers and preachers!

Dr. Daniel C. Moos publishes with Alyssa Ringdal ’12

Dr. Moos and Alyssa Ringdal ’12 co-authored a literature review (“Self-regulated learning in the classroom: A literature review on the teacher’s role”), work that was supported by the Presidential Faculty/Student Collaboration Grant. Alyssa Ringdal is a 2012 Gustavus graduate, majoring in Elementary Education with a literature/communications concentration. Their literature review was accepted for publication in […]

Practicum students at work in the schools!

Practicum students from the elementary methods block of courses just completed their work in local classrooms. The consensus was that this field experience has prepared them well for student teaching in the fall!

Faculty Book Study

The Education Department has recently concluded a year long book study, with faculty members leading chapter discussions during department meetings. The book, The Pedagogy of Confidence, by Yvette Jackson, focused on ways to support students in K-12 classrooms by strengthening the confidence of educators.