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Another Publication by Dr. Alenuma-Nimoh

Check out Dr. Alenuma-Nimoh’s latest peer-reviewed publication on Gender and Globalization: Exploring the Complexities of Gendered Globalization. Drop her a word if you would like a copy of the article. This paper outlines and examines the gendered nature of globalization and its impacts on women. Does globalization aggravate inequality between women and men in Africa and lead to […]

Drs. Moos and Pitton publish in Teaching Education

Dr. Daniel Moos and Dr. Debra Pitton co-authored an article (Student teacher challenges: Using the Cognitive Load Theory as an explanatory lens) that was recently accepted for publication in the peer-reviewed journal Teaching Education. The Cognitive Load Theory (CLT) can explain the challenges faced by student teachers. This study, guided by the CLT, included twenty-six […]