Dr. Moos publishes with Christopher Stewart (’10)

Posted on January 28th, 2013 by


Dr. Moos

Dr. Daniel Moos co-authored a chapter in International Handbook of Metacognition and Learning Technologies with Christopher Stewart, a Secondary Education graduate from Gustavus Adolphus College (’10). This book, published by Springer Science, includes two volumes dedicated to metacognition and self-regulation within the context of technology designed for learning, performance, and training. Our chapter outlines the contributions of the Self-Regulated Learning (SRL) theory in the field of hypermedia learning, while also highlighting the need for additional empirical research that systematically considers theoretically-grounded constructs of motivation within SRL. The premise of this chapter is that motivation offers a potential explanation of individual differences in how students respond to negative feedback loops during hypermedia learning. Methodological and theoretical challenges are examined in the chapter, including the identification of specific motivation constructs (e.g., outcome expectations, incentives, efficacy expectations, attributions, and utility) that align with existing SRL theoretical frameworks.


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