Brittany Erickson (Holm) ’11

Posted on December 9th, 2014 by

photoengageMajor: Secondary Life Science Major

What have you been doing since graduation, e.g. employment, education, family, etc., and any future goals.  I’m in my fourth year of teaching at Wheaton Area Schools.  It is a small school district.  I teach a wide variety of classes: life science 7, earth science 8, physical science, biology, chemistry, and college biology. I put in a lot of hours rebuilding our science curriculum, but it is worth it.  I’ve been involved in implementing technology at our school (1:1 ipads) and have taught many co-workers on how to use SmartBoard (Thanks Dan Moos!).  I also coach cross country and assist in the track program.  I’m currently getting my masters in biological sciences through Clemson University.  I enjoying hiking (our goal is to visit every MN State Park) and canoeing with my husband Leif.




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