Dr. Moos Publishes with Amanda Miller (’13)

Posted on February 1st, 2015 by

Dr. Momypicture_001os and Amanda Miller (’13) recently published a research study in an internationally peer-review journal review (see below for reference).  Think-aloud and self-report data from 37 participants were used to examine the stability of self-regulated learning (SRL). Participants, all of whom were pre-service teachers, learned about two topics (Circulatory System and Constructivism) with hypermedia. Think-aloud data were collected to determine the extent to which participants self-regulated their learning in each task. Results indicated that the level of extrinsic motivation and control beliefs was similar between tasks, while the level of task value and self-efficacy was higher when participants learned about Constructivism. Additionally, participants’ use of some SRL processes (planning and monitoring) was stable between the learning tasks, despite the higher level of task value and self-efficacy. Use of learning strategies significantly increased when they learned about Constructivism, however. Results offer theoretical implications and insights into the interaction between SRL phases during hypermedia learning.


Moos, D.C., & Miller, A., (in press). The self-regulated learning cycle withhypermedia: Stable between learning tasks? Journal of Cognitive Education and Psychology.


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