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EDU 246 Science Conference!

Students from EDU 246 (Science for Elementary Educators) invited science and math methods (EDU 371/373) students to their science conference today. The science students shared their experimental design projects that included bread mold,  breakfast choices by Gustavus students, and hydration and exercise. It was a fun and interactive event!

Journey South as a Monarch!

Science (EDU 246) students demonstrated the challenges of migration from the over-wintering grounds to Mexico in an interactive lesson taught by their peers this fall. In this lesson they had to drink nectar using a straw, get out of the way of predators, take shelter in a tree, and of course fly (dance!) like a butterfly! They […]

Field trips in EDU 246!

Students in EDU 246 studied food and nutrition this fall. As part of their unit, they visited both the CAF and the Saint Peter Coop!  

Science Methods and MNCOSE

Some Elementary Science Methods students attended the Minnesota Conference on Science Education on Friday and Saturday February 21 and 22, 2014 despite the blizzard like conditions that prevailed on Thursday and part of Friday. Emilie, Jessica and Laura attended the Citizen Science workshop that was offered on Saturday. Their smiles suggest it was worthwhile!  

Teaching Chemistry in EDU 247: Science for Elementary Educators 2

Students in EDU 247: Science for Elementary Educators 2 had the opportunity on Tuesday, March 4 to teach chemistry lessons to each other. They explored concepts of pattern and periodicity in Fabulous Periodic Eggs, concepts of selective membranes with Selective Service, concepts of solutions and solute with Involving Dissolving and reactions in powders with Mystery Reactions. The pictures speak to […]

Chemistry in EDU 247

    EDU 247 (Science for Elementary Educators II) is a content-based interdisciplinary science course with a focus on chemistry, earth and space science. For the first three weeks of the spring 2013 semester 27 elementary education majors learned about periodicity, chemical reactions, water chemistry, and pH with Assistant Professor of Chemistry Amanda Nienow.  In […]

Minnesota Conference on Science Education (MnCOSE)

Twelve science methods students attended the Minnesota Science Teacher Association Conference on Science Education in Duluth on Friday, February 22, 2013. Teacher candidates were able to participate in a number of break out sessions including: Is it science or Magic; Dragonflies; Outdoor Learning; Engineering with Puff Mobiles and Bird Feeders, and Assessment in science among […]

Learning to teach mathematics

EDU 373 (Elementary Mathematics Methods and Materials) features many opportunities to peer teach mini lessons in math following activities that are outlined by Marilyn Burns and AIMS. In the activity below, students are comparing the measurements of their arm span to their height to determine if they are a square, a long or a wide […]