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Minnesota Conference on Science Education (MnCOSE)

Twelve science methods students attended the Minnesota Science Teacher Association Conference on Science Education in Duluth on Friday, February 22, 2013. Teacher candidates were able to participate in a number of break out sessions including: Is it science or Magic; Dragonflies; Outdoor Learning; Engineering with Puff Mobiles and Bird Feeders, and Assessment in science among […]

Learning to teach mathematics

EDU 373 (Elementary Mathematics Methods and Materials) features many opportunities to peer teach mini lessons in math following activities that are outlined by Marilyn Burns and AIMS. In the activity below, students are comparing the measurements of their arm span to their height to determine if they are a square, a long or a wide […]

Teaching with the Giant Map of Africa

This semester’s elementary Social Studies methods group jumped right into teaching! For our first day of class, we helped second grade students from St. Peter’s South Elementary explore National Geographic’s Giant Map of Africa. In this activity, we asked students to estimate whether Africa is longer north-south or east-west. Then the second grade students used […]